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RConnect Login: The Extensive Solution to Administrative Tasks

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Reliance is one of the most profitable business industries around the world and their customer and employee satisfaction has played a big role to provide them the pace they have in the world right now. So, To ensure their employee satisfaction from the management, Reliance had introduced an online portal to make the procedure of keeping data of their employees easy. It helps their workers to keep records of their data and information. You can either use it on any browser or can install the mobile application of Rconnect. Here, we are discussing its relevance, mechanism, merits and other crucial information to educate the audience about this portal.

What is RConnect?

RConnect is an online portal made by Reliance industry to ease their employees journey in the industry. This portal helps to shorten the time gap to solve the administrative tasks. It avails salary slips to attendance data and everything online which makes the process transparent for the employees. Taking help of this software not only utilizes employees time but also creates a value to the employees which enhances company’s performance. 

Boons of using RConnect

To ensure you a better working experience at Reliance, the portal provides many facilities to their employees. Exciting benefits can be prevailed by logging into the site. Let’s explore how this is benefitting you.

  • Easy access: The portal is easily accessible once you are done with the login process. The mechanism of this portal is easily understandable as they have divided the sections to ease the experience.
  • Mobile application: You do not have to explore this RConnect through your browser as its  mobile application is also available at mobile application stores. You can install the app and can use it anytime without browsing.
  • Reduces the number of physical visits: It saves you from visiting your management for every application. Here you can request leaves, track your attendance report, and update your information.
  • Self service: Every information does not need to be updated by the company. You can do it all by yourself either it is any update in your personal info or request any kind of help from the management.
  • Time efficient: Some long procedures waste the time of both the employees and the management and this portal is used as a tool to save time of both the parties to maximize the time for their growth.   
  • Updates: Every update related to reliance is available at the portal you can search for the updates of your convenience. Their policies are also provided to help you to better understand the company’s mechanism.  

RConnect Login

Are you an Reliance employee who has not signed in at the portal yet? lets Understand the process to registering yourself on RConnect Login in some simple steps.

  • Open any browser to search the official website of Rconnect.
  • Once you have found and opened the original site, a login page will appear in front of you.
  • To ensure your login you have to enter your user id and password.
  • If you are a first time user and don’t have any previous account on the platform R connect. Then your password would be your birth date. You have to enter your password in Rr@yyyymmdd format where Rr represents  Reliance RConnect and yyyy/mm/dd represents your birth date.
  • Change your password as soon as you log in to the portal to ensure better security.

Password Instructions

There are some compulsory elements to add in your password to give better safety to your account. Fulfill these requirements to create a password on the portal.

  • Minimum length of password – 8
  • Minimum uppercase letter – 1
  • Minimum lower case letter- 1 
  • Minimum digit – 1
  • Current Password should be different from your other 5 passwords created by you in the past.

How to Recover your Password

In case you have forgotten your previous password you can reset it by following these steps:

  • Main dashboards have a click here to reset/unlock your password tab. Click the tab to start the process.
  • It will demand your details, user id and email/phone no. registered to your account, enter your details.
  • After submitting your details an email and a message will pop up to your device to give you a new password to login.
  • To continue the login -procedure enter your user id and given password. After that option of setting new password would be given to you 
  • Now enter your old password provided at your registered email id and create a new password while fulfilling the password requirements.

RConnect: Services offered

Explore the  services the platform provides to its employees.

  • Employee details: Your bio section will contain information about you like contact info, qualifications, banking details, address etc.
  • Attendance: It records attendance of employees. You and your team will be able to track your attendance record.
  • Salary slip: If you explore this category, you will be able to see and download your salary slips where all the information related to your salary will be available for example share of added allowances or the share of pf deducted pf would be clearly explained to you.
  • Travel benefits: If you are an employee of reliance and you are active on this portal you can take advantage of requesting travel allowance to your company, if luckily the organization grants you allowance you can also request for visas and guest room through this portal. But the approval is totally dependent on the upper level management.
  • Leave requests: Request your leave through this reliance portal, other than this facility you will be able to track your leave records.
  • Communication: Information related to the company is provided at the portal. Whether it is the company’s policies or any new information or update regarding the company.
  • Tender resignation form: Once you visit this section you can fill up a form on the portal to update your employers. Also, The information regarding benefits after retirement is explained.


As a reliance employee you can access all the important information and services available on it. Here, employees can easily track their data and updates, it helps them to reduce the manual work which takes a lot of energy and time. It is a transparent and trustable medium for the employees. Its user friendly manner helps the management and the workers to perform their responsibilities with efficiency.


All the information available in this blog is best as per our knowledge and research. We have tried our best to be correct . It is created to form better understanding of this platform among users. Our given information may carry some variations. To get more detailed and authentic information you can visit the official website. 

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