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Blockaway: Unlock the Global Passage

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Internet is a constant commonality among all the contemporary generation. We all are linked to each other in the world of the web. We are all here to break the boundaries and reach the farthest virtual point in the world. But, sometimes Geographic Norms or Government Policies become a barrier in our exploration journey. 

There is an extreme need for explorer souls like us to jump off these fences and bring the world in our fists. Blockaway can help you with this. It is a proxy service which gives you the freedom to break the digital barriers. Sounds interesting right? Come, Let’s dig deeper through this article!

Understanding The Blockaway

Blockaway proxy is a web-based internet service. It is designed to provide a secure and anonymous experience to web surfers. Unlike pre-existing Proxy Software, it doesn’t demand any sort of installation. It is feather-lightweight as it operates directly from the web browser. It re-routes the internet traffic from your web browser through their servers to jump the geolocation barriers.

Blockaway Proxy’s Key Features

Fast and Reliable Connections

It Proxy uses high-end fast servers located all across the globe. The optimised performance of these servers makes the experience lag-free. Blockaway’s infrastructure is designed to provide reliable connections without compromising on security. These features hold utmost importance while browsing time-sensitive and critical content. This builds trust and maintains transparency in the community. 


Blockaway’s Proxy service is versatile. It lists the compatibility with various Operating Systems and Devices.  It can be accessed through any latest version of web browser through Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and IOS. It ensures the enjoyment of benefits irrespective of the device being used.

Ensured Discretion 

The anonymous browsing experience with Blockaway ensures the untraceability of the user. BlockAway’s Proxy hides your real IP address and replaces it with one from its server.  This masking of your IP address and location helps maintain your anonymity online. It prevents websites and online trackers from pinpointing your actual location and identity, giving you a discreet online presence.

Enhanced Privacy

It enhances online security by encrypting the internet traffic. Any data transferred between the server and your device is scrambled and converted into an unreadable format. It has a strict no-log policy. This means that it doesn’t store any information regarding the browsing activity. Hence, your online behaviour remains private to prioritise confidentiality.

Benefits of using Blockaway Proxy

Access Restricted Content

Blockaway’s proxy allows you to bypass geo-blocks. It grants you access to the blocked content in your geography. This feature is mainly used to access international websites, streaming services and much more.

Bypass Censorship

It bypasses the strict internet Censorship. And, enables users to access the open web, circumventing governmental blocks on certain websites and services. It empowers the web surfers to freely access the information and express themselves online. It is done despite the Local Censorship efforts.

Secure Public Wi-fi

Who doesn’t love free Wi-fi? Public Wi-fi is a great treat to enjoy, but it may cost you your privacy. It protects you in these scenarios by encrypting the data. It saves you from the eavesdroppers and malicious actors. 

Global Connectivity

It has a chain of global server networks. These global servers allow you to access websites and services from all corners of the world. By enabling access to global content, BlockAway’s proxy helps bridge digital divides, promoting inclusivity and access to information for users everywhere.

Get Started with Blockaway

Sign Up

Go to the BlockAway’s Proxy home page and trace the registration tab. Please, provide a valid email to generate your account with us. 

Choose Your Plan

There is also a BlockAway’s Proxy, which provides a free trial and premium features depending on the necessities of the users. The first tier, which is the free version, comes with restricted proxying features While the paid version known as premium comes with extra privileges such as faster speeds, a greater number of proxying servers and better security.

Download the App

To begin using BlockAway’s Proxy, Download the application from the site or the store of your device. It has different versions compatible with Windows and macOS, iOS, and Android.

Connect and Browse

As with any app, first launch the application. Go to the webpage of the program, click on user log-in and enter your email and password as used while registering. There will be a list of available servers, which might be grouped by the relevant country or continent. When choosing a server, you need to select one that is near your geographic location and, therefore, provides a faster connection or one in a country where the desired content is not restricted. Click the “Connect” button to Use SSL Ciphers connect.


In summary, Blockaway Proxy is your key to the Freedom of the internet without restrictions, all the geo-restrictions have been dealt with, and it is safe and secure. By providing users with the tools for fast and secure connection. It delivers the means to enhance people’s experience and protect their right to the great internet available.

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