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Hindizway.com: Truth Behind the Instagram Password Cracking

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How would you feel if someone attacks your privacy? Personal privacy is something which needs to be protected at all costs. This digital era is making it more difficult in many ways. Some websites make fake promises and steal your data for their purposes and sometimes just for the sake of increasing traffic on their website they provide you misleading information. This click baiting strategy just misleads you and wastes your time. Hindizway.com is also a blogging website which claims to crack the Instagram passwords for you and offers you such hacking tips and tricks through their website. Many users even try to get access and a lot of people are concerned towards their privacy.

Is Hindizway.com reliable?


It claims to provide you the links and tips which can lead you to the access of anyone’s instagram handle by entering the username of your target.shares videos regarding the same to attract the public 


Doesn’t the claim itself sound fishy? Such sites are only available to scam internet users. There is no website which can lead you to social media accounts of others by just entering their username. Hacking someone’s instagram is not an easy job and requires great technical knowlede. Which makes Hindizway.com an unreliable source. It only includes irrelevant data.

Notice the Issues with Hindizway.com

You got the idea that Hindizway.com mainly misleads the audience. Now in this section we will discuss how it works and what problems it has.

  • Fake promises: it is funny that it promises you to get access to a stranger’s instagram just by entering their username. It is just not possible. It is not aladdin’s genie which can fulfill your wishes by just asking for it.
  • Clickbait: in order to attract the viewers and traffic to their site they share misleading titles and information by which people get fascinated and click on their links. But only disappointment comes to their hands.
  • Redirection: once you click on to their site you will get redirected to the other sites which will show you irrelevant content, some vulgar and suspicious advertisements will be shown to you but the major claims will not get fulfilled.

Purpose Behind Promises

There is no doubt that it has some motive behind creating these rumors and misleading the internet users but the question is what is that . What profit are they getting by spreading wrong information? 

So their motivation behind doing all these is making revenue through the advertisement available at their official site and to the sites where it redirects you. If anyone clicks to Hindizway.com they unknowingly increase their revenue. More revenue depends on the more clicks. Websites like these have no purpose like keeping updating their viewers and earning goodwill. It just attracts the curiosity of the audience by misinformation to get monetary benefits.

Is it possible to access Instagram handle of others

If you are a skilled professional hacker with a lot of experience, everything is possible. Even then it will not be a cup of tea and will need may be a lot of time and energy of yours but you will succeed. But if you are not, you are included in the majority section and it will almost be impossible for you unless you know their password already.

Reason behind the security

Meta takes care of the security of its users and protects their data. The data is encrypted and secure and no third party can access it . There is an option of two factor verification to make it a more secure experience for you. It protects your data from the hackers by following all these safety measures and any app or website can not evade your account.

Do not get Trapped

You should be aware to not get into such scams which make fake promises to increase their revenue. Hindizway.com is not only misleading you but can also get you into problems.

  • Privacy violations: if you are trying to get into someone else’s instagram account. You are invading their privacy and breaking their boundaries. One permission is important to have access. Trying to get in without consent makes you morally and legally guilty.
  • Legal repercussions: as stated previously, hacking someone’s social media in an unlawful act  which comes into the cyber crime criteria. If you get successful by any means, if you get into legal trouble where the victim can take necessary actions. 
  • Unethical: you should respect the boundaries of other people and understand their privacy concerns. Following these etiquettes will make you more trustworthy and ethically correct.
  • Security risks: these websites demand access to your data. In order to take advantage of your site you have to provide some personal information and agree to their terms and conditions. In the process of invading others privacy your privacy gets invaded too.

Protect your Privacy

Even after taking care of every factor you can find your online privacy in trouble. One can not vanish the uncertainties but as a responsible netizen you can assure that the elements needed for better security are getting fulfilled or not. Just tick all the boxes of your security checklist here.

  • Stay aware: Do not randomly click on any link without giving a thought to it. Avoid your visit to the links if it seems fake and fishy. Always believe in trusted sites, don’t get fooled by the scammers.
  • Use strong passwords: This one is the most basic thing which needs to be assured if  you want to secure your Instagram or any other social media handle. Ave yourself of using the common passwords and use passwords which includes unique characters and numbers with letters.
  • Two-factor verification: Use two-factor verification to provide double protection to your Instagram. Two-factor verification ensures that it is you only who is accessing the handle. Even after entering your Instagram’s password you will receive a link or one time password which would be needed to log in. 
  • Phishing:  If someone asks for private details through messages, email or chats, do not provide your details and not accept any of requests like these. It can cause misuse of your data for wrong purposes.


The purpose of this article is to save you from such websites which misinform you and claim you something which is not obtainable at all. Here we discussed how Hindizway.com wastes your time and energy. Tricking people into these scams should not be the objective of any website. Social media users should keep themselves safe by staying aware of the right piece of information. Privacy is no joke and needs real concern.it is your responsibility to take care of your security and not break anyone’s boundaries. Social media world should be a safe place for everyone where we can cherish our best moments and share our laughter. We hope for a day when everyone respects each other’s boundaries but till then we have to beware of such scams and scammers. 

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